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AU where the security system in Asgard’s prisons is overseen by GLaDOS.

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them

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”don’t even ask anything,don’t ask why or what. take it.”

Craig held up a necklace,formed into a heart and having a tiny glow coming off of it. it wasn’t his thing to give something like that.. let stand giving ANYTHING at all!

”Just take it.”

Chell gave him a slightly unbelieving look. Why was he giving that to her? And why did he have this strange, glowing pendant in the first place?
After realizing that she was staring at Craig, the girl just took the thing in her hand and forced herself to smile, though there were still many questions troubling her mind.

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Overheard at AnimeNEXT

  1. Aragorn cosplayer: Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?
  2. (Legolas cosplayer scouts around the area)
  3. Legolas cosplayer: Nerds.
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Text meme


Send me a symbol for a:

✌ - Drunk/drugged text

❤ - A heartfelt text

⚠ - An emergency text

☾ - A bedtime text

✈ - A text while travelling

✴ - An angry text

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"After all those days you still dream about me that way?.."

The girl laughed quietly as she shook her head. She just wanted to admit her past feelings and get it off her chest. Yes, she was ashamed, but she knew, her past self would not be.

Craig snickered soft of the weird thought.. so she still had something inside herself that still liked him a bit. he didn’t mind!

alright i guess,that’s just how you are,nothing wrong with that!”

With a smile she reached for her notepad, she had a lot to ask. Much had happened since she had left to clear her mind, and also run away from being the only witness in Craig’s case, right? “I was gone for a while. How have you, your cats and Wheatley have been?”

" well.. my lab was burned down so im working and me and wheatleys room… i finally found a place to live with him and we are officially a couple now! Oh and.. my cats are doing bad.. went with my sister Chibi to disneyworld… that’s about it!" Craig cheerfully said.

"Congrats, you two!(I knew it would happen!) And you two could use my home, I wasn’t around for a while after all." She wasn’t sure about handing Craig the note but did anyway. They made a cure couple, and she was sure they still were.

" oh nooo… i will not use your house! Thats your place, so i wont go and live there without your kniwledge.. besides, i would becone too curious of what you all had in your home then.heheh~" craig crossed his arms and gave his oh so sweet smile again.. he didnt smile very much anymore.. not like this! " how have you been though for as long you were gone? Did you have fun?"

She just shrugged and smiled back at him happily. She had seen a lot, traveled a lot… And found out that she was good with fake identities. Granted, the one she always used was fake too, but it was her. In a way. She had learned her original records had been listed under dead people when she first escaped Aperture, after all. “I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot too.”

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I like folding origami with post-it notes





so i got big post-it notes and made this:


Its called a revealed flower, and it does this:


Soo if u cant tell, im very proud of this lmaoo

pretty girl, pretty flower 

Pls teach me

I think if you solve this, Pinhead shows up and gives you a flower crown.

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My character has just had a major falling out and been kicked out of their house. You find them sulking on the curb. What do you do?

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